Bells EP

by Nettles

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released 11 July 2014



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Track Name: Bells
It's this thing where I stand
with this rope in my hand,
and though I can't see that far
I've been told & I believe that there's
a bell at the other end.

And if I'm made of sand
(the way I think that I am),
then this rope in my hand's
just sand, too and we're both ringing
sand at the other end.

And I've chosen to believe
it's me pulling on these strings
makes these bells above me ring
that coerces them to sing and make
glad at the other end.

But for all that I know
(as I stand here below),
these bells ring on their own
and you've got me here tugging on this
rope to some other end,
and what other end is that?

And I think that I love you
but maybe I don't
I've been thinking of leaving,
but I probably won't, 'cause I don't
know what's at the other end.

Besides, when I return to sand—
well, the way I understand it
is that they'll bury me in sand,
And then who will hold your hand
when you get to the other end,
and what other end is that?